Project and quality control method

Using the latest techniques, this section is in charge of monitoring and ensuring realization of projects goals within time schedules.
The main activities of this section are:
Programming: Preparing general and detailed time schedule, producing diagrams (based on Art.5 of chapter 1 and Art18 of chapter 2 of general condition contract), time planning and monitoring, estimating materials and workforce needed, and weight percent.
Control: Producing monthly progress reports (as per Art.18 of chapter 2 of general condition contract), drawing diagrams and comparing them with baselines, spotting critical areas, preparing delay reports and predicting areas where delays are expected.
Quality control: Supervising execution method, materials and items needed by the workshops and comparing work progress with plots and technical specifications for each project.

Innovation techniques

Introducing engineering innovations to cut the costs, improve quality, and find the best solutions is one of the main concerns of Dorna Avand Company in implementation of projects.
Sometimes small changes in execution method make great contributions to quality of the work and considerably add to longevity and elegance of the final result. Experience has taught us to think well before taking any action.
Taking into account rapid technological advances and introduction of new materials every day, the outdated pieces of project plan and technical specification are modified by the innovation committee (formed by project manager, head of technical office, head of executive dept., and head of supply dept.) in the headquarters. The committee monitors the latest technical advances and examines possibilities of using new methods and materials in the projects. Needless to say, all the modifications need to be confirmed by clients and technical advisers.

Managerial recommendations

Carrying out projects in the industries featured with intense competition needs a proper and effective management strategy. In light of this, management team of the company tries to offer the best services to the clients of large and small projects by recruiting teams of specialist. Doubtlessly, these teams have different perceptions about manufacturing project management in the areas of designing, manufacturing, using engineering solutions, time management, and financial affairs areas. Thus, to ensure higher efficiency, the management creates reliable communication channels among the teams of specialists. Through this, highest performance and investment security is guaranteed. Thereby, better project management not only helps the construction and installation industry but it also prepares the ground for economic growth at national level.
Given the above, to achieve notable progress in the projects and construction industry, we need to recognize limitations of the executive bodies and the environment.
Feasibility survey group of the firm covers this need. The group is in charge of examining projects in terms of business and technical justifiability. Based on its finding, the group offers the best management methods and recommendations. It is our belief that Dorna Avand is a futuristic, innovative, leading and influential company in construction industry.

Quality system recommendations

To improve quality level of the projects, the company has secured ISO9000-2008 and now we have systematic quality strategy and documented execution methods. In addition, to ensure quality of our works, a quality control unit participates in every project.
The quality control unit uses SPS, MSC statistical techniques, Z-D tables, and MILSTD105 and MILSTD404 sampling tests to check the items used in the project, evaluate secondary contractors, and measure customer’s satisfaction level.
These quality control techniques and systems, first of all, prevent reworks and wastes of materials, and also ensure meeting the deadline for delivery, which means prevention of time/resource/human force wastes.